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Mainsail Pack Install


You will need 2 #40 PVC ¾” pipe.

Insert from mast end sliding aft until PVC pipe stops at pocket end. The length of the pipe needed is usually longer than the cover size ordered due to the slope. For example: if you ordered a 12 foot cover you probably will need a 12 ½ foot pipe. We recommend measuring the pocket from the mast to the aft end where sewn shut. (Home Depot sells 20 foot long pipe which can be cut back to size.) If you can’t find 20 foot long pipe some customers have told me they insert and glue a rod between two 10 foot so there is still a nice smooth pipe on the outside which can be purchased at Lowes. (we recommend using a zipper/snap lube.)

On the top of the cover there are openings for the lazy jack lines to feed through to go under the pvc pipe for support which are reinforced on the underside with webbing. There is a small piece of line tied into the cover through one of the holes to show how the lazy jack line should go around the pvc pipe sleeve.

At mast there are stainless steel D rings sewn on with webbing loops. These D rings attach the cover to the mast by using hardware on the mast….

Aft end, a line needs attached to the topping lift which ties directly on to the cover. DO NOT USE THE TOPPING LIFT OR REMOVE THE TOPPING LIFT LINE FROM THE BOOM.

At the foot of the cover there is 2" wide webbing every 12" with twist locks closures to either go between sail slugs under the sail, or under the boom.  Also, there is a reinforced mast boot which zips to the main sail pack both port and starboard side at the mast.